Some Thoughts: What Is A Nurse Educator Job

Some Thoughts: What Is A Nurse Educator Job

how to find nurse educator jobs

Never will you hear her complain about spending 10 hours on her feet, or staying two hours late to make sure someone gets their treatment. It’s not the technical and medical skill that Caroline brings to her job that makes this profession so remarkable. It’s the fundamental belief that every patient deserves the best and most compassionate care that one can give. It’s not the success of a radiation treatment that makes Caroline so great at what she does. It’s the personal bedside compassion before and after each treatment that gives a patient something to believe in, and reminds them that they’re not in it alone. So often we calculate a cancer journey in relapse and remission, months and years. But so rarely do we acknowledge the critical impact that nurses have on the war on cancer. So here’s to my wife, Caroline, and all of the nurses who put their patients first. –Nominated by Jake Krilovich Maureen Connelly, Massachusetts General Hospital I am so happy to have the opportunity to recognize a model nurse in our community.

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